31 July 2009

cannot OPEN

here's my yesterday marketing presentation staff!!
having hard time to done this work...
Thanks to 5+2, johnny!!!
love both u!!!
guys...done great job neh!!!
am i look professional??
**will upload more soon...

this morning...
when i woke up!!!
oh my goodness...
i can't open my eyes...
it just stick together!!!
went to toilet...washed!!!
em...realize that it's "BENGKAK"
oh my.....scarcely....
whatever...still need to attend my class...
force myself to woke up to get ready for class..
start the day with tired...

tomorrow is my last mid-term for this SEm...
haven study anything yet...
hope i can do something tonight!
hope i can do well in this last paper...
don't fall sleep again SHIRLEY!!!

girl that like to sleep....
is very bad habit!!!
ish...i don't want la!!!!

after tomorrow will be the busy 7 days to go..
ENglish presentation....
OB assignment ....
MIS assignment...
MIS presentation...
OB presentation...

hope can do well for all this!!!

Open the eyes of my heart LORD!!!

29 July 2009

many things.....MANY!!!

many things happen...
here and there...
wow...even during the busy season...
Many things happen!!!
even busy with my assignment...
my test...
my presentation...
still...i need to solve other things else...
today...i had gone through many things...

morning...11am went to see Doctor in kampar...
as i always told peoples before...i don't like the clinic over here...
went once before last semester during final exam....
that time very ill....but the nurse not allow me to see the Doctor!!
finally come on another time....wait there nearly 2 hours...
when i enter the Doctor room....
SHIT.....the Doctor just Smoke!!!
no morality at all...so bad....
guess if some one sensitive with the smell...
will die on spot!!!haha....well.....
just don't like this kind of Doctor...
use his time to Smoke...
but not to treat the patients ...
bad bad bad....

anyway...until today....
i very happy to get to know this Doctor...
even the clinic look bit OLD....
but they using computerize system to key in all the patient detail...
even the Doctor...he enter all the medicine detail
and sent back to the nurse
wow....high tech neh!!!!
in conclusion of this....
i LOVE this Doctor!!!
he explain everything to me!!!
what happen and why....bla bla bla...
and advice me how to overcome it!!!
good!!!!he is Doctor Khoo....
a Good Doctor!!! :)
finally i got good Doctor in Kampar!!
Thanks to my papa for bringing me there!!
something very scare me....
cause the Doctor said...my case is the
oh my goodness....
scarily...but...he said no need to worried!!
it still can be heal ....
ok...what i can do is...Pray!!!

4pm class....suddenly stomachache...
stayed in my toilet nearly 30min...
haha...reasons??guess you all know!!
guess ate too much bad food this few days!!
anyway...by force i need to skip my OB class
felt so bad...
i still have 30 min to go for another replacement...
still thinking whether i need to go...
anyway...after my stomachache problem...
another problem comes in....
the birds that stayed top of my toilet roof!!
haiz...actually i'm trying to ignore it!!!
but ....this afternoon....
the birds....like having party on top there!!!
oh God...finally i cannot stand with the noise!!!
call my house owner!!!
sms him!!!
finally Thanks God...he quite kind to me!!!
he help me to get someone help me to solve the problem
i should call him early than this...
i guess i won't suffered for 3 days with birds noise!!!
anyway...got uncle Leow to help!!
he asked his workers to fix up everything for me!!!
and the worker actually caught one of the baby bird!!
actually i want to take the pic of the bird....
but..my mission FAILED!!!!
cause when the time i saw the bird....
i.....screamed very loud!!!
run away from the bird!!!
haiz....then the guy said this...
: baby bird also scare???
well...i should actually tell him...
i'm not scare of the bird itself!!!
scare of....NOTHING???
maybe i scare the bird will just fly to me!!!
however so....
problem all solve...
then i can continue my work...
continue my study after my long NAP....
ye...things getting better....
better...and better...yahoo!!!
Thanks to be God!!!

haha...finally i skip my OB class today!!!
i'm just so Bad...
finally all the things done...
the workers help me to painted back..
everything look nice now!!

**pictures coming up to my coming post....
gonna do my revision for tomorrow test!!!
after tomorrow will post it up!!!

27 July 2009

JIm Elliot 09'

Jim Elliot group m'bers
from right: chang en, me and wen jie
2nd row from right: Sharmila, belle and wan wei

intro to you Jim Elliot members in CF!!
love you guys so much!!
hope you guys attend each time of bible study
you all can learn something
and even feel the belonging in this group
all best in your life over in Kampar!!
continue the great job in CF
those who facing difficulty
just want to tell you all
you all always in my pray!!!
believe God will lead your life
be Faith my sister and brother in Christ!!
be strong as well
because ....

26 July 2009

CF Apologetics 09'

last 2 weeks ...
CF having a great talk on Apologetic
have gain lot of knowledge on those questions we asking before!
Thanks for the invited speaker Rev Tan!!
great talk on that night!!
i like it!!!
look at the pictures below...check it out what we do
**sorry for the late updated!!

our cute speaker =Rev Herbert Tan
Thanks give for our speaker
=after the talk

em...Nick ah!!!! ren jie ur eyes is not open fully!!!LOL

this 3 persons oh.....
each of them having different action!!!
=waiting for the Van

then is me and ren jie...
our CF gold fish!!!

haiz...look at the fingers ring know who's that!!
hey Kyle don't disturb wei!!!
=end of the service

and this group of peoples...
doing experiment on pushing on people chest!!
well...they said will make someone "pengsan"
well...guess so...
=before leave the hall...

and here's the members joined on that night!!
em...guys hope to meet you all every Tuesday!!!
don't miss out CF!!!
CF is the big family for all of us!!!
Love you guys so much!!!

25 July 2009


Face that gonna kill people!!!

suppose i need to done all my assignment by yesterday!!
but....finally i didn't finish on time!!!
"Geramnya saya!!!"

coming week busy with assignment due date...
mid-term tests...
presentation !!!

oh my goodness ...hope i can cope with all this!!
i need power!!!

when i finding grouping pictures to my adviser...
saw my mummy picture....
on that moment....
i....i... .i...cried!!!....
miss her so much!!!
hope everything can be done well...
hope next month can go back home!!!
i miss my Home!!!

however...i nee to be independent!!
i'm big girl now!!!

edited my current pic!!!
wondering whether i can cut my hair ....
short??keep it long???or....
haiz...hope have changes!!!
haiz...all this can only be think off ...
when i submit all my assignment!!!!


24 July 2009

<<< Bass >>>

faced lot of things...
feel want to cry out loud!!!
but...still the tear just silently drop down!!
i guess there all normal emotional for an human...
not a very serious issues...
but if...Disappointed!!!
em...this will be bit SERIOUS!!
cause it will affect lot of process...
what so ever ...i should learn to Handle!!
i can't let those bad emotional to control myself!!
even is Hard...but still i need to stand firm!!
always remember this Versus:
God had not made me for defeat!!

shine like Star!!!
that is my slogan of life now!!
be like Star...can shine for others!!
not only in one field ...but for the whole
yup...i can do it...
go chili girl....go!!!

Bass...the new story life of mine!!!

this is the old bass
play with "him" 2 weeks!!
then need to said bye bye!!!
here come another new comer!!!
sound nice!!!but bit heavy!!

wow....the new model!!!
Black Bass brother!!!
it is more lighter than the previous!!
i love it!!!
but currently it's still not belong to me!!
is my Teacher Bass!!!
my aim of mine!!!
will get one when i work !!!

during my 3rd Bass Class....
me and wai wai!!!
crazy with the Bass...
see i playing the black Bass...
i love it!!!it's Cool!!!

intro my Teacher to you guys!!!
Master in Bass>>Mr.man foo!!
my "papa" in Kampar!!!
and my best pretty bass classmate: Wai wai

22 July 2009


“I have chosen the way of truth;
I have set my heart on your laws.” (Psalm 119:30)

i am SAD

21 July 2009

Look at THEM!!!

guess many of us had hear about this before!!
when i look at all the reaction on their face...
that really touch me!!
cause i think of...how lucky i am now
how my life is much more better than THEM!!!

my life is comfortable...
their life....everyday waiting for HOPE

what is YOURS??

MISSION all around the world
to help those who needed...



FOOD is their HOPE to continue LIFE

how do you feel when you see all of them??
what can you do to make all thing CHANGE?
there is the message of this days!!!

how much you have in your life??
how desire you are??
do you ever feel comfortable with your life??
do you feel bored??
do you feel food is not nice??
waste food??
complain in life??

guys....please look at them!!!!
the peoples who are in need!!!
please don't ever complain in your life!!
appreciated in your life!!
cause we all are much more lucky then them!!!
no more argument in life!!
no to waste anymore!!
whenever you want to do something

use your life to ...
bless the others


18 July 2009

Downward sloping

mood of this day...
downward sloping >>>
that's what i felt actually!!
just finished my church worship practice...
but still i remember what is happen in evening!!
i still felt the nervous in that moment!!

i do read ...maybe i can't understand!!!
but...the outcome is...I CAN'T DO!!!
so bad!!i think i'm the only one !!
felt myself so stupid!!!
the Questions are easy...
yet..i don't know how to do!!

i guess i pass up blank one is't??
what happen to me??
i must recover this FAST!!!
i cannot give up now!!!
i already go on until today!!
there is the purpose to have that!!!
so...even or not...
even is hard!!!difficult!!

"No matter what you are going through today.....
God has not mad me for Defeat!!!"
that's His words to me!!

so pass it to Him....
i'm waiting for the Miracle
the special Miracle in my life!!!

i can't make my Mum disappointed!!!
i must do my very best!!
maybe i did't put in 100%....
problem on myself....
i cannot blame on any others!!!
Face the FACT!!!!

words from a friend:
Believe in yourself!!!
*Thanks ya kah yee!!
i' recover fast...and will trust on my own too!!

16 July 2009


Bang the wall in Darkness while i still in my dream
i remember that i very tired
i am enjoyed in my dream
but....suddenly ....
I bang the wall...
woke up and see...is five in the morning!!
oh my goodness ....
then...tried to find medicine...
finally...i got nothing...
cause i have no medicine for that...
just leaved it like that...
but until now i still felt the pained!!
oh ladies and gentlemen...
don't laugh...
it's really hurt and pain
sleeping position should in right way
if not...you will be like me too!!!
Thank you!!

next...need to prepare my exam on saturday
em....i can do it!!!

in my mind...
thinking of the drama....Nodame!!
em...hope i can get the full version of DVD...
hey friends anyone can get me this DVD??

i fall love in MUSIC....
really need to work hard
to improve myself!!!
gambateh chili girl

mood of the day:

Tuesday...i skip my Eng tutorial
sick??i guess so...lazy...probably!!
but...started to give up something!!
what is that??i am not sure!!!
guess not a good sign

trying to skip from a call
i want to throw away my phone
scare of someone recently
too much call...too much!!
until i can't accept!!
the stage are totally different!!
i feel super uncomfortable!!

overstress with many things
relationship in class
still very...mess i can say!!
even everyone look fine
but actually are not is't?
haiz....how can i fix that?
God please teach me!!!

my assignment and exam
super duper blur...
even don't know how to do...
guess my group mates gonna...
kill me.....!!!for doing nothing!!
feel so bad myself!!!

regret lot...especially in music skill
now admire those who have G8
but me??only G5....sad!!!
where's my qualification?

so Emotional...can i really improve?
that is the Q from my old friend
asking: do you improve your skill??
do you get higher level in your music?

answer is : NO!!!!
why??no change to attend music class!!
why not??i think that's my excuses!!
I should get find myself!!!

mood of the today???


15 July 2009

Nodame Cantabile inspire me

love this picture very much!!!
the color combination and the words!!!
so romance...
everlasting in love....

fall love with this drama since sunday!!!
got to knew this drama longtime ago...
during my semester break i do realize this drama in TV
but....just watched once twice nia...
until that day...my housemates recommend to me...
she said: "hey this drama sure you will like it!!!
cause it talking about music!"
that's true...i really fall love in this drama!!
2 days i finished this drama!!!
i love the music play in this story!!!
and really admire that guy....
very talented guy....he can play all the instrument!!
and i realize all the actors in this drama...
some of them really know how to play instrument!!!
wow....they all are just so awesome!!!
great one!!!

a group of young peoples ....
gather together to play in orchestra ...
wow...inspire me to come back to the classical world!!
felt regret that i did not finish my piano exam to grade 8
haiz...only holding my grade 5 standard....
hope one day i can really again join in the music field!!
i guess this world will be more suitable to me!!!
God...i really want to join in....
please open these way for me!!!
i will do my best to achieve the best results in this area
my new aim: learn Bass and Violin

today ....during my lecture class
one of my classmate told me that:::
Violin very hard to learn...
need to put in more effort to get well
so....friend...just want to let you know...
i am ready for that!!!
and pray to GOd ....
one day i can really join in the orchestra group!!
really hope one day i can go oversea to future study on music
i know is hard!!!but God i wish too!!!

this is the story scene in this drama!!
i like the crazy and funny action of them
it bring another message of music to me!!
the encouragement to me!!!
a great drama of this year for me!!!
i love it so .....much!!!

and this guy....really talented in this story
he can play piano...violin...etc....even orchestra conductor
i like his cool cool look....and his care and love to yetian mei!!!
is a touched and funny part of both them!!!
hope one day my partner will be like him??
haha...pray so!!!!
i love music!!!wohahaha....
**i love this guy too....admiring him ....haha!!
becoming my aiming idol!!!

last....to myself...
i really need to upgrade myself in my music skill
even my piano,drum,guitar...and bass and violin!!!
hope this 5 instrument i can really play well...
the next will be the flute!!!
one day...hope me and my bf can become like this pic?


Noah Ark camp

that's the words i can describe about this day!!!
let the pictures tell you the story!!!
more pictures will be coming up soon!!!
Thanks God that i had the change to join!!!
and experience the joy of serve!!!
even is tired...but is really meaningful
when i look at the smile from them!!!
let the pictures tell you the story!!!
start now!!

Group picture
250+ childrens!!!!

can see how excited they are....

my best friend=Pei Fun
haha...i like to bully her!!!
cause she always in blur blur condition!!!

the helpers...
before the camp started!!!
briefing from the leader!!

coloring competition started!!!
everyone very serious huh!@@

personally i like this picture
i like the color that she painted!!
but she only get 2nd prize!!!

the worship section!!!
leading by my sister=Dorcas

can see how excited are all the children is....
they enjoyed in the melody!!!

then the clown show!!

childrens looking at????
i'm leading others "animals" coming out from the back!!

the actors in the Noah Ark story!!!
great actors!!!
not much of the picture of them!!!
but i can said: the sketch is awesome!!!

the bible versus section leading by Me!!!
pray that all children can remember it forever!!
whenever they need...
they remember God is their Savior!!

Hi 5.....
asking the children to do that!!!
so that i can take picture of them!!!
section that i not involve i will capture pictures!!
i love Camera!!!
save money now!!hope i can buy more professional camera!!
capture more nicer picture!!!

i love this take
the little boy very cute...

and this boy....
waiting for the lunch time start!!!

Pray before they start to Eat!!!

look at the girls...happy while having their lunch

this picture taken far away from her....
so that i can get the nature eating style of her

and them...
while they all enjoyed!!!
i'm busying taking pictures

my sista!!!

this 2 girls like to take picture too....
just point at them!!!
see how happy they are...

my favorite ....
but is the present for kids!!!

found some place got balloon and presents

and Hippo
and it name is MIMI

game time!!
even is hOT....
but they enjoyed!!!

i like this shoot....
nice blue sky

crying baby....
he like to cry....

drawing section

see how fast he can done>>>

me and darling Dylan....
happy to meet him again!!!
big boy now!!!LOL

i like this big green hat
cool huh

take one for my sista

and my sista bf
what he doing??

Dylan seem like enjoyed lot!!!

time for FOOD!!!
i love the preparation from the aunties

look just so nice

teaching them how to make the cookies!!!

take 1

take 2

look at them...
wow serious face

creative huh
that is what the children think off!!!
they decided to eat like that!!!

the results

Dylan seem like very enjoyed with his bread!!

even ME!!!!

my sista too

the musicians!!
i'm the Drummer of the day!!
proud huh!!!Ha....new drum oh!!
i'm the 1st to used!!!

discussing about the pictures
the judge

waiting 1

waiting 2



present they GOt

all the helpers

cleaning up the hall

dinner time after the camp


my life story start up